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Planning a Baby Shower!
Planning a Baby Shower is the best way to ensure a successful celebration! Checklists, list of things to do really help as memory joggers and ensure that you don't forget anything. Planning this type of celebration ensures that you become organised and a little amount of time spent on the planning stage will be rewarded by a stress-free  and perfect party!  

Planning a Baby Shower! Make a Plan!
There are many different elements to consider during the planning stages of the party. Planning where the venue will be, planning what the theme will be, planning what decorations and decor will be required, planning what type of centerpiece to organise, planning when to send our party invitations, planning who should be on the guest list, planning whether or not a gift registry should be organised, planning what food should be served, planning what type of party favors should be given, what type of music should be selected and what type of games and activities should be played at the party! Finally after the party is over the guests should be sent 'Thank You' cards. Phew! The following articles will provide you with some help with time saving planning ideas:

Planning a Baby Shower on a Budget!
Before considering the planning details it is important to consider the budget for the party. If you are planning a Baby Shower on a budget this is not too much of a problem - start to consider homemade items, such as invitations, favors and decorations. In the current economic climate it makes sense to create your own party accessories - they are cheap and fun to make! You can also ensure that they are fully personalized to suit the new mother or mother to be. So get creative and make some great homemade favors - and get as much help a possible from willing friends and family!

Planning a Baby Shower Agenda!
You have considered all the elements necessary to host a perfect party, but the occasion still needs an agenda! The guests all arrive - what do you do first? When do you start the games and quizzes? When should the guests start enjoying the food? When and how does the gift opening commence. If you are planning a diaper cake, do you want this to be unwrapped at the party? We have provided an article with helpful tips, hints and ideas for creating a perfect agenda for your party. 

Planning a Baby Shower - Food Ideas - What Food to serve at Baby Shower!
As a host you need to plan what type of food and drinks should be served at the party. Planning the time of the party is the first step to deciding what food and drinks to serve. Decide whether you are organising a Brunch menu, Luncheon menu or an Evening Party menu. You will need to start planning whether you need recipes for appetizers, recipes for cakes, recipes for cupcakes, recipes for desserts, recipes for finger food, recipes for hors d'oeuvres or ideas for snacks. An important part of planning is to make the decision as to what food to serve at baby shower. Then you will need to start planning what drinks to serve! Will you need to start searching for Baby Shower punch recipes? We have provided lots of articles with helpful tips, hints and ideas for creating a perfect food and drink menu for your party. 

Planning a Baby Shower Guide!
The free articles contained in this website, under the various section headings,  provide the perfect Planning a Baby Shower Guide. Absolutely everything you need to know about planning this type of party! Take the stress out of planning and organisation with our helpful tips, hints and ideas!

Planning a Baby Shower!

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  • Party Checklist - List of things to do

  • Party Food and Drink menus

  • Party Planning on a Budget

  • Etiquette! Planning! Checklists! Activities

  • Party Hosting Hints, Tips and Ideas!

  • Party Planning guide

  • Party Planning  - Order of Events


Baby Shower Ideas! Top Tips!
Our selection of Baby Shower Ideas
includes our unique printable baby shower invitations. Top ideas for Planning a Baby Shower! Fully personalized and homemade invites and thank you cards are not only easy to make and print with the addition of photos but are also cheap to make! 

Planning a Baby Shower!

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