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Stork Diaper Cake

How to make a Stork Diaper Cake! What is a Diaper Cake?
The introduction of the Diaper Cake has become extremely popular in recent years. But what is a Diaper Cake? It is not edible! It is a decoration often used as centerpiece at Baby Showers! It
looks like a multi-layered cake but mainly consists of disposable diapers! Cloth diapers can be used but this is more difficult and does not produce such a good result and consequently disposable nappies are most often used. Disposable diapers are therefore included in our instructions and directions for making diapers cakes.

How to make a Stork Diaper Cake - Basic Concept!
Instructions are relatively easy to follow making it simple to
make your own cakes from diapers! Basically the directions and instructions detail using disposable diapers which are rolled up and then wrapped around each other in a circular pattern. More diapers are added to build multiple tiers. Diaper cakes can be between one and five tiers.

Stork Diaper Cake - What you will need for the perfect Diaper Cake!
For a perfect diaper cake you will need:

  • Two to three packs of good quality diapers

  • A selection of rubber / elastic bands

  • White cardboard

  • Sweets / Candy

  • Table Confetti

  • Ribbon

  • Bows

  • Small gifts , see the table below for ideas

  • Cellophane

Stork Diaper Cake - How do I make the Diaper Cake?

  1. Begin with the first layer: Roll up a diaper, with the pattern end on the outside and secure with an elastic band.

  2. Repeat process until you have fifteen to twenty diapers rolled up, each secured with elastic bands.

  3. Place diapers in a circular shape and secure together with a single large elastic band.

  4. Place the first layer of the diaper cake onto a strong cardboard base.

  5. For the second layer you need to roll up ten to fifteen diapers and secure individually as per first layer.

  6. Place diapers in a circular shape and secure together with a single large elastic band.

  7. Cut a piece of white cardboard approximately the same circumference as the second layer of diapers.

  8. Place the cut piece of cardboard on top of the first layer of diapers.

  9. Put the second layer of diapers onto the cardboard.

  10. Repeat the second layer process for each additional tier of the diaper cake reducing the number of diapers used each time so the tiers become smaller (like a wedding cake!)

  11. Add a cake topper, a soft toy stork is an ideal choice. (Make sure the cake topper is not too heavy or your diaper cake will collapse!)

  12. Once the structure of the cake is complete place gifts in between each of the layers or tiers.

  13. Sprinkle stork shaped table confetti over the cake.

  14. Add some small bows and place sweets or candy on the cake.

  15. Wrap the entire cake in cellophane paper.

  16. Tie with ribbon and a bow.

Stork Diaper Cake! What type of Baby Gifts to conceal in a Diaper Cake!
The type of gifts that you include in your diaper cakes should be quite small and generally practical. The following ideas, instructions and directions provide some good tips and hints as to the type of gifts suitable for inclusion in a Diaper Cake

Stork Diaper Cake - Surprise Gift Ideas

My Baby's First Year Keepsake Calendar - This would make an ideal base for your diaper cake, it comes packaged in a strong cardboard box and would be a wonderful surprise for the parents to be when they have used all the diapers in their cake!

Wooden or Plastic Stork figures, Travel size shampoo, baby lotion, powder, diaper rash ointment, bottle, pacifier, wash cloth, scissors, nail clippers, bib, spoon, bath thermometer, teething ring, hat, socks, silver picture frame, brush and comb set, muslin squares, baby's first year keepsake calendar

Stork Diaper Cake - Surprise Gift Ideas

Stork Diaper Cake
We hope that this printable, free Stork Diaper Cake will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Baby Shower Party and celebration!

Stork Diaper Cake

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Stork Diaper Cake!

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