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Diaper Cake Instructions

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Diaper Cake Instructions! What is a Diaper Cake!
The introduction of the Diaper Cake has become extremely popular in recent years. But what is a Diaper Cake? It is not edible! It is a decoration often used as centerpiece at Baby Showers! It
looks like a multi-layered cake but mainly consists of disposable diapers! Cloth diapers can be used but this is more difficult and does not produce such a good result and consequently disposable nappies are most often used. Disposable diapers are therefore included in our instructions and directions for making diapers cakes.

Diaper Cake Instructions - Basic Concept!
Instructions are relatively easy to follow making it simple to
make your own cakes from diapers! Basically the directions and instructions detail using disposable diapers which are rolled up and then wrapped around each other in a circular pattern. More diapers are added to build multiple tiers.

Diaper Cake Instructions
This section provides the following links to access to directions and Diaper Cake instructions:

Diaper Cake Instructions! A Surprise in the middle of the Diaper Cake!
Do you remember the old gangster movies where large fake cakes were used to conceal a girl hiding inside? This type of fake cake was used in scenes from the movies 'Some like it Hot' and 'Singing in the Rain'. The cakes made from diapers can include instructions to conceal a surprise gifts in the center and around the cakes! These hidden surprises add on to the excitement of the gift! Diaper Cake Instructions to create a really elegant centerpiece advise that all gifts should be completely hidden within the cakes - decorations are simple ribbons such as are found on traditional Christmas cakes. Other directions and instructions  might well advise you to include small gifts as decorations for the cakes!

Diaper Cake Instructions! What type of Baby Gifts to conceal in a Diaper Cake!
The type of gifts that you include in your diaper cakes should be quite small and generally practical. The following ideas, instructions and directions provide some good tips and hints as to the type of gifts suitable for inclusion in a Diaper Cake:

Diaper Cake Instructions - Surprise Gift Ideas

My Baby's First Year Keepsake Calendar - This would make an ideal base for your diaper cake, it comes packaged in a strong cardboard box and would be a wonderful surprise for the parents to be when they have used all the diapers in their cake!

Travel size shampoo, baby lotion, powder, diaper rash ointment, bottle, pacifier, wash cloth, scissors, nail clippers, bib, spoon, bath thermometer, teething ring, hat, socks, silver picture frame, brush and comb set, baby's first year keepsake calendar

Diaper Cake Instructions - Surprise Gift Ideas

Diaper Cake Instructions! Ideas for Themes!
Diaper Cake Instructions! There are many different themes that you can use which are suitable for decorating diaper cakes including farm animal, tricycle, carriage, bumble bee, jungle, duck, stork and ladybug themes.

Diaper Cake Centerpiece Instructions!
A centerpiece is the most important item of a table setting display or as a central or important object. A Diaper Cake Centerpiece makes a great Baby Shower decoration.

Diaper Tier Cake - Instructions!
Just like wedding cakes it can be built in any number of tiers. Diaper Cakes usually consist of three tiers.

Diaper Cake Instructions!

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Diaper Cake Instructions!

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