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Construction Theme

Construction Theme
Your choice of Baby Shower themes is important. The choice of theme will make the planning process so much easier. Adopting a specific Baby Shower Theme will allow you to use a unifying and recurrent element in all of your decorations, centerpieces, food, favors and invitations. This will result in a really lovely effect with just a little thought! The Construction Theme makes a perfect baby shower for boys especially if dad-to-be works in the construction trade!

Baby Shower Themes! - Construction
For unusual and unique ideas for decorating your home, or designing a table centerpiece, for a Baby Shower try adopting Construction Theme. Place matchbox sized toy trucks on the tables and place upturned construction hats on the table filled with sweets and chocolate. Decide on the colors you would like to use for decorations, any colour is suitable for the Construction theme but yellow works particularly well and is an ideal choice, this will enable you to achieve a color co-ordinated theme. Use ornaments, lights and garlands decorated with machinery to complement your theme and achieve a pretty effect. The Construction theme is practical for parents expecting a little boy and ideal for any type of decor. Add some sparkle with some brightly colored construction trucks and decorations based around a building site or safety theme, mini construction cones are an ideal choice. Send your guests invitations shaped like different construction equipment! Create a centerpiece using an diaper cake decorated with miniature trucks and tractors or a display of construction equipment would also make a wonderful keepsake and of course toys for the baby to treasure in the years ahead.

Baby Shower Themes - Co-ordination is the Key to Success!
Planning and Co-ordinating all the elements of the Baby Shower is the key to throwing a successful party! Co-ordinate the following with Construction Theme?

  • Decorations

  • Decor

  • Balloons

  • Banners

  • Invitations

  • Favors

  • Table Centerpiece

Construction Theme - Games
The following games and activities are ideal for Construction theme:

Construction Theme - Songs
Print off our Baby Shower Song Quiz and see if your guests can complete it, guaranteed to produce lots of laughs. Why not play background music to complement the theme? Make a CD perhaps selecting an artist or group with vehicles in the title or lyrics or choose some country music which complements the construction theme. A great keepsake for the mom-to-be to treasure and remember her fantastic baby shower.

Baby Shower Themes - Decor & Decorations!

Build all of your Baby Shower party decorations around the Construction ideas and themes.

  • Balloons - You can buy plain or patterned balloons. If you are on a tight budget then blow up the balloons yourself or invest in helium balloons. If you are feeling creative draw some vehicles on the balloons!

  • Ribbons - Tie the balloons with pretty ribbons to add to your color themes

  • Character Themes - Remember you can decorate doors and hang temporary pictures on the wall depicting the characters of your choice - Search on the internet and print off pictures of the characters of your choice

  • Match the Table Decorations and Centerpiece with Construction theme. Be creative with a unique centerpiece. You can buy paper cups, plates and napkins but once again you can easily decorate plain white accessories with your own creative vehicle shaped designs - if you are not artistic just stick on pictures - quick and easy!

  • Create a homemade mobile depicting the theme of your choice and hang from the ceiling

  • Combine all of these ideas for Baby Shower themes for a unique event and celebration!

Construction Theme
We hope that this printable, free Construction Theme will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Baby Shower Party and celebration!

Construction Theme

  • Construction Theme

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Construction Theme!

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