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Baby Shower Gift Baskets

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Different Types of Baby Shower Gift Baskets!
ou can create many different types of Baby Shower Gift Baskets. Consider what you can use them for! Gift baskets for the baby and Mom are obvious but you can also create small gift baskets for your guests or as thank you gift baskets. You can create baby shower centerpieces using baskets. Personalize or create gift baskets for a boy , girl or even twins. Another unusual idea is to create a nice gift basket that your guests can win in a prize draw. Click one of the following links for additional ideas and information

Ideas for Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Baby Gift Baskets
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Thank You Gift Baskets
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Ideas for Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Baby Shower Gift Baskets!
Yes, you can buy Baby Gift Baskets but it really is quite easy to make your own! There are many benefits to homemade baby gift baskets - not only are they easily affordable but they are also unique. So be creative and personalize a unique baby gift - perfect for a newborn or as a mom and baby gift basket! This section provides ideas for creating gift baskets at home!

Gift Baskets can be made from boxes!
The traditional wicker gift basket is popular and comes in a variety of colors and styles. But do remember that it isn't essential for gifts to be packed into a wicker basket! You can use different types of boxes or bags as containers for the gifts! This gives you total flexibility over size and decoration! You can also use a gift as a container! For a baby boy you could buy a Construction Truck and pile it with gifts. For a girl you could use a small doll's pram or carriage and fill with gifts. Basket, Bag and Box coverings and decorations can be used to compliment your Baby Shower theme!

A Gift Basket as a Thank You
Wondering what to give to the host of the party to say Thank You? This is a perfect solution! Include some little treats and personalize the basket by including a nice framed photo taken at the party - a lovely keepsake for a kind and generous person.

Mom and Baby Basket
Create a basket with little items for the newborn and a selection of presents especially for the new Mom!

A Gift Basket for Mom
The Mother of the newborn deserves a basket with presents specifically designed for her! Fill it with candy, fruit, note cards, stamps and toiletries. Include some nail varnish and make-up. Small items especially for her!

A Basket for Dad
Don't forget the new Dad! He will appreciate getting some of the attention! Fill his basket with nice little presents and treats such as Chocolate Bars / Sweets / Candy, Lottery ticket, Book of stamps, Pens, pencils, office accessories, Small clock, Socks, Small Flashlight, Spare batteries and Small travel gifts (there are loads of them!)

A Gift Basket for the Parents
Adopt the same principle and create a lovely basket full of surprise presents for the proud parents of the newborn.

Baby Shower Gift Baskets!

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Baby Shower Ideas! Top Tips!
Our selection of Shower Ideas
includes our unique printable baby shower invitations. Top ideas for Baby Shower Gift Baskets! Fully personalized and homemade baby shower invites and thank you cards are not only easy to make and print with the addition of photos but are also cheap to make! 

Baby Shower Gift Baskets!

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