Baby Shower Banners

Baby Shower Banners
Deciding on what type of Baby Shower Decorations to use can be great fun and add to the excitement of the occasion. Pick a theme! Make a decision about a color scheme! Your choice of Baby Shower Banners will help create a great atmosphere for throwing a Baby Shower Party! Our ideas for Baby Shower Banners will provide you with loads of creative ideas to enhance your celebrations.

Baby Shower Banners - Types
A banner is a great way to decorate your baby shower and there are various types of banners available for you to choose from. Homemade banners can look fantastic and personalised with your choice of message, great for those planning a baby shower on a budget. There is a huge range of store bought banners, great if you want to co-ordinate all your baby shower decorations as banners can be purchased to match the rest of your baby shower decor.

Baby Shower Banners - Choices
The following list gives you an idea of the types of banners available:

Baby Shower Banners

Jointed BannersThese are also known as letter banners and range in length, usually between four and eight foot. They are constructed from heavy card and get their name from the 'joint' between each letter or picture. Suitable for indoor use only as they need to be kept dry.
Flag BannersThis type of banner is usually made from plastic and is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Small coloured or decorated flags are attached to plastic ribbon or rope.
Giant BannersGiant banners are usually rectangular in shape and can be store bought or homemade for that personal touch! This type of banner is often made from plastic and suits indoor or outdoor use.
Yard SignsThese are designed to go outside your baby shower venue and are made from wood or heavy duty plastic attached to a ground spike which you simply push into the ground.
Wall Decorating KitsWall Decorating kits are made from card or plastic. These signs are designed to be hung from the walls and  can be purchased in a range of colors and designs to match particular themes.
GarlandColored garland can be bought or made to match any color scheme or theme. Garland can be attached to the front of tables for extra decoration and can even be draped across ceilings or walls to co-ordinate with other baby shower decorations.
MobilesDesigned to be hung from the ceiling, mobile decorations usually have baubles or small pictures that hang on ribbon or string and can be purchased to match any theme.

Baby Shower Banners

Baby Shower Banners - Perfect Homemade Banners!
Have some fun making your own baby shower banners for that personal touch.
Homemade giant banners can be made from large pieces of fabric, bed sheets are ideal! They can be painted and decorated to match your theme and include a personal message. You could also design a banner using your computer. Follow the steps below for a professional banner with the personal touch! Your baby shower guests will be amazed at your creativity!

  • Copy baby related images to match your theme (Booties, Storks, Bottles etc) from a free clipart website into a blank document using any drawing package.

  • Add a text box and type a personal message including the name of the mom-to-be and the date.

  • Rearrange the images and text on your page and get a second opinion from the mom-to-be to ensure she is happy with it!

  • Double check the spellings and size of the text and images.

  • Save your page as a JPEG or GIF file and burn it onto a CD. Visit your local stationers, for example Staples, Rymans or Office Depot and ask them to print your banner onto heavy duty card or plastic. You can also email the file to an online printing company who will post the finished banner directly to you.

Baby Shower Decorations!
Our ideas for Baby Shower Decorations will provide you with loads of creative ideas. Remember to include the following ideas in your planning to throw a great and memorable party! Balloons, Diaper Cake, Table Centerpieces, Table Confetti, Flowers and Plants, Ribbons, Confetti & Table Sprinkles, Baking & Serving Items, Thank You Notes, Banners, Umbrella decoration, Themed Cups, Themed Plates, Candles, Party Game Visuals, Invitation Cards, Garlands, Keepsakes, Decor, Yard Decoration, Table cover, Napkins, Sashes, Photo Collage, Registries, Homemade Mobiles and Paper Goods.

Baby Shower Banners
We hope that this printable, free Baby Shower Banners will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Baby Shower Party and celebration!

Baby Shower Banners

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Baby Shower Banners!

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