Baby Shower Balloons

Baby Shower Balloons
Deciding on what type of Baby Shower Decorations to use can be great fun and add to the excitement of the occasion. Pick a theme! Make a decision about a color scheme! Your choice of Baby Shower Balloons will help create a great atmosphere for throwing a Baby Shower Party! Our ideas for Baby Shower Balloons will provide you with loads of creative ideas to enhance your celebrations.

Baby Shower Balloons
Balloons can make any venue look fantastic and can be as simple or flamboyant as your budget allows! The most important consideration when choosing balloons is your theme and color scheme, the balloons can then be tailored to your requirements. Pairs of air filled balloons placed around the venue and tied with curling ribbon is a simple and cheap option. Helium filled Balloon Bouquets, Clusters, Centerpieces and Archways look stunning and create the wow factor!

Baby Shower Balloons - Air or Helium
Balloons can either be air or helium filled. Air filled balloons are cheaper than helium balloons, all you need is a good balloon pump or lots of volunteers to blow them up! Helium balloons can be bought from party goods stores pre-filled complete with color co-ordinating ribbon and weights or as a D-I-Y kit where you hire or buy a helium cylinder, ribbon and weights from your local party shop and fill each balloon yourself. Buying helium balloons from your local party goods store is ideal if the store is open on the day of your shower or they offer a delivery service. If not then filling the balloons yourself is very straightforward and full instructions are provided with the helium cylinder.

Baby Shower Balloons - Types
Air and Helium filled balloons are made from latex, the more decorative foil balloons are Helium filled. These foil balloons last longer than Helium filled latex balloons. Helium balloons can be a wide range of shapes and are ideal if you are hosting a themed baby shower. You could buy a giant safety pin or star shaped balloon to match your theme. Helium balloons need to be secured or they will simply float away! Ensure you buy enough balloon weights for your Helium balloons or tie them securely!

Baby Shower Balloons - Some Balloon Decoration Ideas
Balloons can make fantastic displays, why not consider the following when decorating your baby shower venue:

  • Balloon Bouquets, select colors to match your theme.

  • Balloon Clusters placed either side of doorways.

  • Balloon Archway. Locate this behind the main table or entrance, ideal for a larger venue.

  • Balloon Table Centerpiece  Use foil balloons shaped to match your theme.

  • Single Balloons tied to the backs of chairs with a special one for the mom-to-be!

  • Foil Balloon shaped to match your chosen theme.

Baby Shower Balloons
We hope that this printable, free Baby Shower Balloons will give you some great ideas for having fun during your Baby Shower Party and celebration!

Baby Shower Balloons

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Baby Shower Balloons!

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